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Workshops In Schools

21st Century Workshops in Schools focusing on the 4C’s of the 21st Century

Our workshops are designed to let students explore alternatives and possibilities outside the classroom set up.

Hands-on and in context learning through various activities and simulations, helps students exercise their brains & develop innovative mindset.

Teacher Training

Empowering Teachers to be 21st Century Ready

In today’s age of technology & internet, children are exposed to a wide range of learning platforms.

The most pressing question today for schools is to ensure that the teaching methods adopted by their teachers stays effective & relevant to the ever-changing needs of the 21st century classroom. Kaizen’s teacher training program equips teachers with 21st century teaching frameworks.

21 Century Labs

Our 21st Century Labs create experimentation & experience zones for students.

The idea is to have open, casual, large areas to spread out and work, get messy and think. A place where students feel empowered to engage in high-level problem-solving is critical for student development in the 21st century. The lab will include various challenges and resources around 21st Century learning along with instructors to facilitate the learning process.

Smart Parenting Program

There has been a sudden shift in the environment in which we are operating today.

The internet and communications have made a big difference in the awareness levels. The need for children to depend on parents and teachers guidance has lowered. They are smart children living in a smart world of smart phones, smart TV etc. The parents need to step into this smart world and adopt smart parenting techniques.

Kaizen Classes

Bring out the leader in your child!

Our classes focus on personalised curriculum for children to build the most important 21st Century Skills! Through interactive & diverse modules we help our students become confident communicators, problem solvers, innovators & collaborators.

Kaizen Kits

DIY activity boxes containing a perfect blend of learning & fun.

The Kaizen Kits are delivered to you with complete instructions, resources & clue cards. Each kit has learning games, STEM challenges, critical thinking exercises, flashcards & more to keep your child productively engaged.

Competitions And Challenges

Design Thinking Challenge

Design for Social Impact! We encourage students to participate in competitions to solve for the most urgent social problems faced by our country.

Kaizen Superstar

We are looking for our next superstar who has an excellent grip on communication paired with the right body language. Students will show their skills in confidence, language, acting and more during the competition.


A 21st century olympiad evaluating the student's ability to apply learnings contextually. The students are assessed on critical thinking, logical reasoning & other 21st century parameters.


Imbibing the spirit of entrepreneurship from an early age. We enable young students to come up with the next big ideas.