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Employability Labs

Industry Insights

Industry’s evolving needs & changing skills needed by employers. Learn about emerging industries, upcoming job roles and skills sets required in the future of digitalization and automation.

Job Searching Skills

Before starting the preparation for interviews it's also important to learn where to find jobs, which portals to apply on and how to build your network. Learn about different hiring and job application.

Resume & Cover Letter

Guidelines to make effective CVs, resumes, cover letters. The importance of keywords, action verbs and customization. We also provide templates and lists of important hard and soft skills.

LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a professional landing page for you to manage your personal brand. Step by step guide on creating different sections of the linkedin profile that draws attention. Ways to write the linkedin summary, headlines and skill sets to optimise your profile.

Interview Prep

Be prepared to tackle a majority of questions & situations such as motivation based, competency based, scenario based & strength based. Ensure that the best skillsets are showcased through research, preparation & practice by applying frameworks such as S.T.A.R method.

Employability Canvas

Employability Canvas is a framework designed by us to help you map out your career plan. Learn how to set goals and priorities.This canvas will help identify the skills you have and the skills you may need to work on so you can do well in industry.

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Develop the negotiation skills needed to maximise value in your everyday life, from negotiating a raise to buying a car. Learn strategies such as BATNA, ZOPA, Anchoring as well as various negotiation tactics to maximise wins.Experiment with new techniques and test their effectiveness in the safety of the classroom.

Industry Immersion

Industry Immersion encompasses various activities that puts the classroom learning of a student to efficient use at industries. Office crawls, mentor connects, internships and live projects across industries push students to embark early on a professional journey.

Career Fastrack

No matter the professional level, we can all benefit from learning how to succeed in our careers.
Whether you’re trying to find a new job, get a promotion, or excel in a new career, our training helps you achieve your career development goals. Don’t get left behind, stay updated and relevant through upskilling and reskilling

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