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Internet Safety Tips To Keep Your Kids And Family Safe
17th February 2020

Kids today have access to more information than any generation before and along with the boons, it is also necessary to warn them about the dangers that they are exposed to. With each improvement in the Cyber world , the Cyber criminals become smarter Being a parent in this digital age means not only protecting the kids from real-world dangers, but also protecting the kids from virtual dangers of cyber-crimes and cyber bullying. . Even though these acts of crimes cannot be stopped completely there are a few simple measures that can be taken to assure the safety of the users regardless of their age .

How to keep the kids and yourself safe:  

  1. Educate kids

Kids love to explore the digital world without knowing the dangers they are exposed to. Therefore  it is necessary for every parent to educate their kids about the ongoing cyber-crimes and encourage them to speak up without hesitation. Few security softwares can be downloaded  that help to keep the kids from clicking wrong links and sites.

  1. Remind kids not to give too much information

Disclosing too much information online can lead to identity theft . Scammers can trick kids into disclosing their personal details. Tell them why it is important to keep their identity private instead of just asking them to maintain privacy.

  1. Know that private may not be completely private

Many websites and applications collect information to use it for advertising and marketing purposes. Many of us accept these conditions without reading them which can prove to be fatal .

Even if we do not want to share personal data, the so called private browsers are not private and collect our data in the background and hence it is important to monitor the sites settings and the data we fill in at each site.

  1. Watch out for scams

Do not click any URL from your bank or a friend. Warn kids about URL in mails and social media messages that may seem to be authentic but are actually scams. HTTP is an unsecured link while HTTPS is the secured link. Many small tips like these can help the kids and the parents to avoid traps.. Few security programmes are available for free that recognize and block dodgy URL’s.

  1. Use password Management system

Many people use the same password for multiple accounts or use the ones that are easy to guess. Set up unique passwords for all your accounts and have all your accounts linked to a  backup mail to recover any hacked accounts.

  1. Social media security

Keep a track on what is happening in social media. If anything suspicious is found, do not hesitate to report it. The same should be taught to the kids so that they are not afraid of reporting something that disturbs them.

  1. Cyber security is a moving Target

Every year over the internet cyber-crimes or cyber threat occurs in a faster phase. It moves from one device to another and their target varies. To keep pace with such targeted crimes, one has to keep the anti-malware software up-to-date with all the security protocols.

  1. Be safe at home

Make sure that the wifi connectivity is hard to crack and can identify Intruders accessing the internet connectivity. It will help to manage the content that is being searched and ultimately the content that is being reflected on the kids’ devices.

  1. Say No to public WiFi

Avoid using public WiFi and Hotspots as they can lead the hackers to your personal data that leads to identity theft.

  1. Secure connected devices and close unused accounts

While using any device that needs internet connectivity make sure they are secured so that no kind of cyber-crimes take place and close all the accounts that are not in use as it contains various information that can be useful for hackers to target easily.

  1. Never hesitate to seek support

A good security system provides support when needed . If you feel that there are any kind of unusual changes that are happening in your device, it is always important to seek security assistance from the experts.

  1. Always be sure about the security system that you use

Prefer the best security systems that provides all round protection from the current cyber threats , as cyber-crimes increase day by day it’s important to remain safe by upgrading to the latest systems.

There are various parental control systems (Apps) available on Google Play Store and App Store that help  the parents monitor and control the activity on their kids devices such as Screentime, MMGuardian&Qustodio. They are easy to use and provide complete control over the kid’s device – right from managing their screen time to managing the content they search as well as restricting the social media posts they see.

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